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The Circle (Netflix)

Flip or Flop (HGTV)

My Kitchen Rules Australia (Channel 7)

Family Court Murders, Media Stockade (ABC) 

Heavy Tow Truckers Down Under (Discovery)

Blue Water Safari, EQ Media (TBA) -Coming soon-

Adventure Gold Diggers (Channel 7)

Wildlife Rescue, EQ Media (TBA) -Coming soon-

Buying Byron, EQ Media (Channel 9) -Coming soon-

Muster Dogs, Ambience (ABC) 

The Repair Shop, Warner Bros. (Foxtel) 

Outback Car Hunters, CJZ (Discovery) 

Sydney Harbour Force, WTFN (Foxtel)

Making the Cut Season 2, SKR Productions (Amazon Prime Video)

Shane, Amazon Studios (Amazon Prime Video)

Bondi Rescue Season 16, CJZ (Channel 10)

Life on the Outside, ITV (SBS)

Desert Collectors (Channel 7) 

Ivan Milat: Buried Secrets, EQ Media (Channel 7)

Strong Female Lead (Julia Gillard), Northern Pictures (SBS)

Homicide: Ron Iddles, CJZ  (Channel 7)
The Disappearance of William Tyrrell, EQ Media (Channel 7)

The  Granny Killer, EQ Media (Channel 7)

Warriors on the Field, EQ Media (Amazon Prime Video)

Return to Amish, Hot Snakes Media (TLC USA)

Killer Couples, Jupiter Entertainment (Oxygen USA)

See what you made me do, Northern Pictures (SBS)

White Island, EQ Media (ABC)
Murder in the outback, CJZ (Channel 7, Channel 4 UK)

Frozen Lies: Debi Marshall, Media Stockade (Foxtel)

Undercurrent, CJZ (Channel 7)
Donna Hay: Basics to Brilliance Kids (Theme), (Foxtel)

Restoration Australia, Fremantle Media (ABC)

Maggie in Japan, Lingo Pictures (Foxtel)
Pig Royalty, Hot Snakes Media  (Discovery+)

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Sydney - Los Angeles - New York

Primerchord Production Music was founded by award-winning screen composer, Amara Primero. The idea grew while Amara was being commissioned by production companies to compose music for shows. She observed that they would often be working with limited time and resources and so her desire to help them came from this. While on the job she would find herself assisting them with music supervision and sourcing other pieces of music for synch. Amara began offering access to some of her pre-existing music to help fill more nuanced, genre-specific requests. As companies expressed their appreciation for the extended service she was offering, Primerchord Production Music was born and a team of composers expanded. Today Primerchord collaborates with dozens of production companies and networks a year, helping them bring life to their stories with music. 

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