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Primerchord Production Music was founded by award-winning screen composer, Amara Primero. The idea grew while Amara was being commissioned by production companies to compose music for shows. She observed that they would often be working with limited time and resources and so her desire to help them came from this. While on the job she would find herself assisting them with music supervision and sourcing other pieces of music for sync. Amara began offering access to some of her pre-existing music to help fill more nuanced, genre-specific requests. As companies expressed their appreciation for the extended service she was offering, Primerchord Production Music was born and a team of composers expanded. Today Primerchord collaborates with dozens of production companies and networks a year, helping them bring life to their stories with music. 


Empowering Creativity through Tailored Musical Experiences


At Primerchord Production Music, we are driven by a deep passion for storytelling and the transformative power of music. Founded by acclaimed screen composer Amara Primero, our mission is to empower production companies and networks to elevate their narratives by providing them with exceptional, genre-specific music solutions.


We understand the unique challenges faced by production companies, often working within tight timelines and limited resources. Our commitment is to be a trusted partner, offering comprehensive music services that go beyond composing original scores. We provide expert music supervision and a vast catalog of pre-existing music, carefully curated to meet the nuanced demands of each project.


By collaborating with dozens of production companies and networks every year, Primerchord Production Music has become a beacon of creativity and innovation. We strive to bring life to stories through our meticulously crafted musical experiences, enhancing emotional depth, capturing attention, and creating a lasting impact.


Our values of collaboration, excellence, and responsiveness guide our every endeavor. We foster an environment that nurtures talent and embraces diversity, assembling a team of composers dedicated to pushing the boundaries of sonic artistry. Through our unwavering commitment to our clients' success, we help them unlock the full potential of their projects, ensuring their stories resonate deeply with audiences around the world.


At Primerchord Production Music, we are on a mission to transform storytelling by delivering tailored musical experiences that inspire, captivate, and leave an indelible mark on every production we touch.

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